Toner Cartridges

hands repairing toner cartridgeThe Truth About Re-manufactured Toner Cartridges

So as you might have heard from anyone that has ever used a rebuilt toner cartridge how bad they can be.  Some don't work as well, or leave streaks on the paper, or the printed images don't look near as good as they should.  Worst case is they dump toner into your printer and cause a bunch of maintenance issues.  There is are two reason this happens.

  1.   Toner cartridges are incredibly complex.  They have a lot of parts that are designed to work together under tight tolerances.  Any manufacturing defect or assembly issues

    All the parts of a toner cartridge that have to be replaced

    will cause serious problems. 
  2. Most company's don't sell completely rebuilt toners, they sell re-filled toners.  Here is why this is an issue.  If the toner was designed to do 20,000 pages, many of the parts won't last for 40,000 pages, and shortly after 20,000 serious print quality issues will start to arise because the drum will start to fail.  So just putting in more toner is not the answer, but it is what most company's sell. because rebuilding and replacing all the internal parts is both complex and expensive.  If you have to rebuild 100 toners that could mean keeping 10,000 or more parts on hand.  So just putting in more toner is easier, quicker, and cheaper.  

Now don't worry TonerWest doesn't sell these inferior toner cartridges.

What About TonerWest Toners?

We do it the hard way, the expensive way, the Right Way! All our toners are completely broken down.  Then every part that can wear out is replaced with a new part, or rebuilt part.  As an example, the original drum may be stripped and re-coated.   This ensure that the image quality will last throwout the life of the toner.  Then all seals are replaced so no toner dumps in your printer. 

In the end our toners are not the cheapest, but they should perform as-well as the original toners.   And save you as much as 50% of the cost of a new OEM toner.  The other important thing to remember is that TonerWest never pushed you to buy or re-manufactured toner, because we sell the new OEM from the original manufacturer as-well, and don't forget what ever you buy TonerWest is here local and guarantees everything we sell. 

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