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TonerWest is the spot for printer repair in Cochise County.  We have been fixing local printers for 13 years and have the expertise to do it right.  Wan to know the best thing about using us?  We it is that we tell you if your printer is repairable or worth fixing before you commit to fixing is.  Saving you money.  We also have quick turn around because many common parts we have in stock.  Are you a DIY type and want fix your own printer?  Great, we can help with that too, because we will be happy to answer your questions, or order parts for you.    
STOP! Don't throw away those empty cartridges.  Let TonerWest recycle them for you.  There are both economical and environmental benefits to recycling your empties with us.  Economically it helps you because we will issue you a credit for each empty you bring us.  It also ensure we have empties to have remanufactured which save you money over OEM cartridges.  Environmentally it keeps all that olk ink and plastic out of our local landfill.  We even give credit for any non-empty cartridges you have that you no longer need or are obsolete.  Just bring them in and we will tell you what they are worth.   
Our goal at TonerWest was to bring you internet pricing for printer consumables but do it locally with great customer service.   We will gladly price match local prices on comparable ink and toner, so there is no reason to go anywhere else.  Don't forget to bring i your empties and save even more money.  

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