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From day one, TonerWest's philosophy has been simple, "Give the customer the choice, and back up everything we sell".  What this means is we sell both OEM ink from the Top inkjet manufactures like HP, Lexmark, Dell, Canon, Brother and Epson, as-well-as high quality inexpensive re-manufactured inkjets.  The bottom line is we want to give you the choice.  We also want you to be happy, so we back up everything we sell with a guarantee that if your inkjet doesn't work you can bring it back for a replacement.  

Inkjet Quality

Truth be told not all inkjets are equal.  The best performance will always come form the OEM ink.  The Manufacturers formulated the ink to work with the specific machine, so the color profiles will perfectly match what you see on the screen.  So if you are using the ink for professional reasons like photographs your selling, we will recommend you use OEM ink made by your printers manufacturer.  Now if your like the 95% of the rest of us, you can probably use High Quality re-manufactured inkjets and never know the difference.  Now High Quality is bold for a reason, because there is a difference between actual re-manufactured inkjets and drill & fill inkjets.  Drill and fill is what you usually see at any place that you take your inkjet to be refilled, or many retail location sell them as very inexpensive replacements.  Don't be fooled these are not re-manufactured, and the quality is now where close.

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The TonerWest Difference

When TonerWest takes in your empty inkjet we don't drill & fill it, then try to re-sell it.  In fact we send that cartridge on a trip to the mid-west where is get professionally disassembled, chemically cleaned, new sponges put in, sonic welded back together, then tested, packaged and sent back to us.  See the factory image to the above?  Yea that looks a lot different from your local drill & fill operation.  Is this process more expensive? Simply yes, but our customers are much happier with our inkjets and all ink is OEM matched to ensure proper ink color profiles, inkjet performance, and UV stabilization.  This is why we can afford to have such a strong guarantee, our inkjets work great.