About TonerWest

We Are Your Local Source For Ink & Toner

Toner West has been your local source for Ink, Toner, and Printer Repair for over 13 years.  In this time we have made a lot of friends and had the chance to participate in the community.  We have sponsored sports teams, and charities.  Setup cartridge return programs for local schools where parents bring in empties and the credit goes to the school, and most of all given our local customers great support.

There are a lot of advantages to shopping locally.  Your money helps the local economy, and if you have any issues, they can be resolved face-to-face.  No overseas customer support, no waiting on shipping times, and most of all people you know and trust.

Toner West is a locally owned business that is dedicated to saving you, our customer money, educating you on the ins and outs of your cartridges, as well as saving our planet from the unnecessary waste created by the printer consumables industry. Each year, across the globe, ink and toner manufacturers ship 900 million cartridges to market. Most of these cartridges are disposed of after only one use, even though they can still function perfectly thru several refillings. Less than 1 % of cartridges sold in the US will remain above ground to print again. Quality remanufactured cartridges typically perform just as good as new and can save you up to 60% of the cost of a new cartridge. Each toner core that is rebuilt saves 3-5 quarts of oil, which would be necessary to make a new toner cartridge.

Saving The Planet

TonerWest-recycleToner West is saving the planet one cartridge at a time. We have saved thousands of pounds of recyclable material s from our local landfills and we support other area recycling programs. To show our dedication to the environment, we have set a bounty on each empty toner and ink cartridge to keep them from our landfill. Just stop by the store with your empties to collect your reward. We are not a global franchise with 900 stores around the world dedicated to making a profit; we are a local business dedicated to supplying your needs and saving you money on quality printing products while saving empty ink and toner cartridges from becoming waste. Stop by the store for a visit and see our comprehensive selection on OEM, remanufactured and compatible ink and toner cartridges. Remember to bring your empties! Toner West thanks you for your thoughtful consideration!

Stop In And See Us

Located in the Safeway Plaza 

2270 E. Fry Blvd.


Hours: Monday - Friday 10-6

Saturday 11-3